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A Boss/ Secretary Marriage of convenience

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★★★★★ I freaking loved this book. Julius was such a possessive MC and that mouth on that man LAWD 🥵 I loved Isabella she was so timid in the beginning but by the end she was a fierce FMC who didn’t take anyone’s crap. And Fox was the absolute cutest. So many scenes had me cracking up. Jen, Goodreads


When boundaries crumble, and desire ignites.


My ex-husband’s grip on me is unrelenting.
To protect my son, I accept a marriage of convenience from my boss. With his strict boundaries, it should be easy, but when he lets his guard down, I begin to see another side of him. A side kept hidden from the rest of the world.
I can’t help but fall for him.

Except when tragedy strikes again, I’m left wondering if anything between us was real at all.


She is my loyal secretary, always professional. Backed into a corner, I agreed to marry her. It’s a contract with a predetermined ending.
How hard can it be?
When I come home early one night, catching her in my bath, the desire to blur the lines between my personal and professional life has never been stronger.
A new proposal is needed, protecting us both. Except I’ve done exactly the thing I swore I’d never do.
Hurt the one I love.

Chained Heart is a complete standalone and Book 2 in the Slater Siblings Series.


1. Julius

Today is different.

The boardroom is where I’ve been numerous times before. However, I am unusually on edge.

As the door shuts, I sit at the head of the table with my brother staring me down at the other end. I may get fired from my own company or who knows what else. I need to think of another solution, and I need to do it quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve been up all night, and nothing has come to me. Unlike the billion-dollar ideas I had when starting Slater Corp with my brother, I have nothing, well, nothing viable anyway.

No pleasantries are exchanged with the board members, as everyone knows we’re down to business.

“Right. Let’s get down to it then,” Jacob Jones, my right-hand man and confidant, leads the meeting.

He is a friend and a foe, exactly the person you want on your board. Beside him are Hector and Phillip, both men who held prestigious positions before sitting on the Slater Corp Board. Opposite those are another three men. Then three more men sit between my brother and I, all serving on the board for a decade or longer.

I steeple my hands in front of me, ready for the onslaught. “What you did has fucked things up, Slater,“ Jacob says.

“I understand as such, and I‘ve been working to try and fix it,“ I reply, my tone resolute. He knows no one else can get away with talking to me like that. Still, I don’t like his fucking tone.

“Fix the media storm surrounding your dick in a senator’s fiancée’s pussy.”

I pin him a stare, but Jacob just stares me down.

“You don’t have to be so crass,” my brother and joint CEO, Vincent, interjects.

“You pay me to tell the truth. As soon as the news broke yesterday, our shares plummeted nine percent, wiping hundreds of millions of dollars off our share price. And they are still falling. Do you really think the media will stop?”

I stare at my brother, already knowing the answer. They want blood, and I’m the fucking bait. Vincent shoots me a sharp look before adding, “No, they will not stop.”

“Then we don’t have another choice, Julius. You’ve tied our hands. I think you know how this is going to go. We need to vote,” Jacob announces. “For Slater Corp to survive, you have to step down as CEO effective immediately unless you can tell me another way.”

My nostrils flare. I had to go and sink my cock in a pretty pussy that was not mine. I blame my fucking father for this entire mess. But what the fuck did I expect? I knew this was coming.

I sit tall in my leather armchair and address the board. “I built this company with my brother, forged from our own hands. I will not let my indiscretion ruin what we have builtamassed. Do what you must. I accept the result.”

Vincent stares at me. He must think I’m such a disappointment. Here we thought I’d be the one to settle down first, never him. But he is practically married, living with the love of his life, Rosie West, while I fuck myself into a black hole.

Jacob inhales sharply before speaking. “All in favor of Julius Slater stepping down effective immediately. Raise your hand.”

I’m not shy, so I’ll look them dead in the eye. I know why they are doing this, I know it, but I can’t do anything but hate them all at the same time.

Jacob raises his hand almost immediately, followed by Hector and Phillip. They point to the sky like a dead straight arrow. My eyes fall around where the three men sitting opposite do the same. Then all eyes fall on my brother, Vincent, who is opposite me.

“Vincent. The vote needs to be unanimous,” Jacob states, pushing for his decision.

“Sorry, brother,” Vincent says, his tone clipped, but he pauses, his palm flat on the table. “But there is another way.”

I stare at him in confusion. I’ve thought about all the ways I can keep my company, all leading to a dead end and none of which have made any difference to the media torrent coming down on us.

“What is it?” Jacob asks impatiently.

“You won’t like it, brother. But it will work.”

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been resisting you?” I murmur, my voice a low growl as I position myself above her, the tip of my arousal teasing her entrance.

“Show me,” she breathes out

“Bella…” I murmur, my fingers tracing the contours of her face, her name falling from my lips like a prayer.

★★★★★ Love a fake marriage trope! Another ‘all the feels’ book & the characters were so well written. Had me in the edge a couple of times, great story and another missy book that has had me addicted!! - Sarah, Goodreads


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Chained Heart - eBook

$4.99 $5.99

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been resisting you?” I murmur, my voice a low growl as I position myself above her, the tip of my arousal teasing her entrance.

“Show me,” she breathes out

“Bella…” I murmur, my fingers tracing the contours of her face, her name falling from my lips like a prayer.

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