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Trusting the Ex - eBook

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★★★★★ Takes the reader through the feels Lily, a freelance digital marketer, thinks she is over Blake her first love and heartbreak, and doesn’t expect what she sees when she tracks him down five years later. As the story progresses an unexpected loss takes her down, an unwanted reunion takes her out, and an unacknowledged feelings could end up biting both of them in undesirable places. Missy Walker’s Trusting the Ex takes the reader through the feels and that is just in the first few chapters.


This is a story about heartbreak and second chances.
Guaranteed HEA.


He took my virginity, then he vanished.

The boy next door, Blake Carter left me a shattered mess when he left for New York.

Five years later I’d forgotten about his dirty blonde hair and green eyes and was living a free-spirited life.

That was, until he returned, engaged.


Being the youngest, most successful Hedge Fund manager wasn’t by chance.

I knew exactly what I wanted, and I’d got there all on my own.

No emotions, pure drive.

Lily represents everything I left behind.

So, when I have to rush back to Australia, my world spins on its axis.

The petite, blonde, blue-eyed girl I’d avoided makes me question everything I ever wanted.

Now, I have two choices.

This is a standalone novel with interconnecting characters throughout the series.


Prologue - Blake

She was so fucking gorgeous, it hurt. I took her mouth to mine and devoured her smooth lips.

Her hands clawed around my neck, and mine circled her waist, pulling her closer in my lap. All the noise, music, and party swirling around us disappeared when our tongues assaulted one another in a heated kiss.

“Get a room.” A voice echoed over the thudding bass. Lily smiled against my lips, and damn, this girl was the stars.
I pulled away breathlessly, and half-hooded eyes stared back at me. We were at my friend, Fabian’s oceanfront mansion. I’d graduated high school today and was hours into the after-party celebrating with my girl and now-drunk school friends.

Glass bottles lay strewn across marble tabletops and ashtrays overflowed with burned-out cigarettes. The music blared out of the stereo speakers, and the living room was alive with bodies—mostly inebriated, drunk-ass bodies grinding on each other. 

Dressed in a strapless canary-yellow dress that matched her blonde hair and smoky popping blue eyes, my heart leaped into my chest when she arrived on my doorstep. 
And now, the more our tongues entangled, the more obvious the bulge in my pants. But we hadn’t gone all the way yet, and as much as I wanted my best friend, I didn’t push.

Watching her come when I was between her legs was enough for now.
She lowered her mouth to my ear, her warm breath falling on my cheek. “Can we go somewhere?” she asked as her chest rose and fell quickly against my own. 

“You read my mind,” I added, trailing her jaw and grazing her skin with delicate licks and bites.
She moaned in my ear, and the sound made my dick swell. My hands circled her hips, and I lifted her off my lap, setting her upright. 

We walked hand in hand through the drunk haze of my school friends. Then I started taking the steps two at a time. She kept up, desperate like me to be alone.  
I opened the door to Fabian’s room. The high bright moon turned the dark room into gray. 

Lily sat on the bed, crossing her legs, and gestured for me to sit beside her.
“This is nice,” she said with a satisfied smile.

“You’re nice.” I walked over and leaned down, pressing my lips to hers. 
Our kiss turned heated in a millisecond. Lily’s breath was ragged like mine, her skin hot to the touch. Fuck, it took everything inside me to take a physical step back before I lost all control and tore off her damn dress.

She held her arm out, wanting me to come back. “Blake, I’m ready.”
I blinked, unsure I heard her correctly. 
As if sensing my hesitation, she spoke again.

“I want to take the next step with you.”
I raked a hand through my hair, not moving my balled fist from the crown of my head. Never once in the last few months had anything felt forced or contrived, and we’d done everything else imaginable. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel pressured now.

“Are you sure?”
She gazed up at me with innocent blue eyes and dragged her teeth across her bottom lip. “I trust you, Blake.”
Without waiting for me to reply, she stood and turned round, inviting me to unzip her dress. I stepped closer, all my nerves firing with the realization this was actually happening. 
I glided the zipper down and slid it over her hips, revealing her black thong and the bare, beautiful curves of her back.
My hand circled her hip, spinning her around to face me. I drew in a sharp breath. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

She smiled slightly, but I could tell she was nervous.
I pulled her close, palming her other hip, closing the gap between us. “If, at any moment, you don’t want this, Lily, just say so.”
She nodded. “Okay.” 

I swallowed down the lump in my throat, steering away sudden nerves. 
When the fuck did I get nervous?
I wanted this to be perfect.

Sliding one finger between her skin and the fabric lace of her thong, I glided it down past her thighs to the floor. She stepped out of it, and I dropped to my knees. Damn, I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her.

“Blake, I said I’m ready.”

“Don’t deprive me, baby.” Then, without waiting for her to reply, I swiped my tongue over her clit, and she released an audible gasp. 
My dick ached, swelling to a dangerous size as it strained against my zipper. 
I buried my face deeper, and she gripped the back of my hair between her fingertips and groaned loudly. 
“Shh, baby,” I leaned back and whispered.
She was close. So close. From a bended knee, I greedily swiped her sex, dragging her wetness up to her clit with long, punishing strokes until she saw stars.
“What was that?” she asked. Her hands fell from my head and cradled my face as she looked down at me in awe.
I let out a throaty groan and licked her orgasm off my lips, savoring her sweetness. “I just want to make sure you really want this.”
She let out a laugh.

“Well, if you wanted me to change my mind, you shouldn’t have made me come!” A grin spread on her lips as she dragged me up by the shirt and unbuttoned it. “Because I want to come all over again.”
She took her lips to mine, our breathing irregular from the desire flooding our bones.

“Damn, I like the sound of that.” I legged out of my suit pants and boxers and jerked out of my shirt. Lily lay back on the bed, her eyes dragging up and down my body. Never, ever, did I think this day would come. 
The girl next door, my best friend, lay splayed out in front of me, wanting me.

Taking a condom from my wallet, I stepped back toward the foot of the bed, scouring her face for approval. She dragged her eyes up from my hard dick and, without hesitation, nodded for me to continue.
My eyes went wide at the realization. 

Lily wanted me to be her first. God knows why. She could have anyone, but she trusted me.
Quickly, I rolled on the condom and climbed over her, ensuring my weight was displaced, resting my elbows on either side of her head. 

“Kiss me,” she breathed out, biting down on her lip. 
I pushed away a wayward blonde hair on her cheek and dragged my lips across hers, wanting to take away her nervousness. Then I trailed her neck with kisses, arriving at her smatter of freckles along her collarbone. She tilted her head back, and at the same time, her legs parted beneath me. The tip of my dick dipped along her warm, moist folds then I pressed against her sex.
Her hands circled my waist and pulled me down to her, so our bodies touched. My chest pressed into her soft tits.

Warm and smooth, her body felt like home. Slowly, I guided my cock inside her wet folds, and her nails dug deep into my back, followed by a sharp inhale. 
I froze, scared I’d hurt her. “You okay?” I whispered into the shell of her ear.

“I’m fine. Please don’t stop.”

She dragged my mouth to hers, kissing me between short, ragged breaths. I moved again, my dick nudging the rest of the way inside her slippery entrance.

“Fuck,” I bit out at the overwhelming sensation. 
She was tight and perfect, and my eyes rolled in the back of my head.
Slowly, I started rolling my hips, sliding in and out of her. Then I felt her grip loosen, and my pace quickened. Her moans grew louder as she pulled herself onto me. Unable to contain myself, I thrust into her harder and felt her clench around my cock.

“Blake,” she breathed out in a moan before finding her release. I couldn’t hold it any longer. With my body pressed against hers, I came in an explosion of desire.

When I opened my eyes, she was staring straight at me, and something inside me suddenly shifted. I was free-falling without a net, and a heavy ache settled in the center of my chest.

This was too much.

When I opened my eyes, she was staring straight at me, and something inside me suddenly shifted. I was free-falling without a net, and a heavy ache settled in the center of my chest.

This was too much...

★★★★★ A superbly written steamy, contemporary romance between Blake and Lily, Australian best friends who have a second chance romance.


❤️ Boy Next Door

❤️ Forced Proximity

❤️ Small Town Romance

❤️ Angst


✔️ Trusting the Ex - eBook


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Missy Walker Author

Trusting the Ex - eBook

$4.97 $5.99

When I opened my eyes, she was staring straight at me, and something inside me suddenly shifted. I was free-falling without a net, and a heavy ache settled in the center of my chest.

This was too much...

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